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You can support the troops, but oppose sending them off to combat.

Putting aside the vote to authorize CF-18’s to fly combat missions to Iraq to try and stop ISIS (which has utterly failed to slow them or stop them so far by the way), I’ve seen the Conservative Party and some media try to claim you can’t say you support the troops but reject authorizing the combat mission.

You know who also said that? The Republican Party’s people in government when US troops were over in Iraq getting involved in a quagmire and the Democratic Party rightly said it was time to get them out of there and bring them home. Charges of lack of support and lack of patriotism abounded […]


New Liberal TV Ad on Harper being a copycat.

The Liberal War Room has been quick to pounce on these Harper plagiarism revelations:

Remember to visit to see more of Harper copying his American Idol, George Bush in deeds as well as words.

Oh.. and don’t forget this video from Creative Revolution of some more copying Harper did from his American Republican conservative friends on the “fundamentals of the economy being strong” line conservatives like to use.


A rather timely new Liberal ad.

I was away all day and missed all the fun in finding out not only do Harper and the Conservatives claim that certain experts in their field support their specific policies when they really don’t, but they also like to copy stuff word for word from other leaders – commonly known as plagiarism.

This was a word-for-word copy of John Howard’s speech over reasons why countries should join the US in going to Iraq, which makes this new campaign ad of the Liberals rather timely:

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