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Interesting blogpost at the Guelph Mercury’s Guelph Votes blogsite today:

Defence Minister Peter MacKay will be going door-to-door with Conservative candidate Gloria Kovach. Mercury staff will also be meeting with Jennifer Wright, “the founder and chief environmental activist of Green Shift.”

Very interesting both of these folks appear in Guelph on the same day. I’d be interested to hear who exactly it was that invited Ms. Wright down today to the Guelph riding; was it the CPC? The NDP? The Guelph Mercury?

I’ll also be very interested to see in her talk to the Mercury how much she injects herself into the political campaign in Guelph. I hope for the […]


In Brief: Editorial balancing in Guelph Mercury

Here is an amusing op-ed column in today’s Guelph Mercury, which can be summarized as taking potshots at all four candidates (though in the Liberals case, it’s more of him taking potshots at Scott Brison then he is Frank Valeriote).  Obviously, the writer  was a bit grumpy when he penned this column today. I didn’t think the summer had been that hot this year, so I can’t blame it on that.

On a slightly more serious side, I’ll be interested to see who the Guelph Mercury’s editorial board officially endorses, if anyone.

UPDATE: My blogging colleague David thinks it’s going to be Tom King, if it isn’t already, but we shall see. I do find it curious as an aside that neither his blog nor, which is an aggregate of local Guelph bloggers, and many politically oriented, hasn’t been put on the Mercury’s Guelph Votes blogroll.


Dion gets good reception in Guelph; local bloggers there to report on it.

I thought I’d point out this article by David Graham who resides in Guelph and is also the Liblogs blogging aggregate coder. He was on hand in person to watch Stephane Dion’s appearance in Guelph yesterday, where he drew a very nice crowd and from what David says, a pretty good response. That would seem to be backed up by Steve V who also witnessed the event and came away suitably impressed by what he called “Dion’s authenticity”.

You might also note in David’s blog article the rather dismissive tone the local newspaper, the Guelph Mercury, did on Dion’s event, and which continues at their local blog, which is here. […]

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