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As predicted, Jim Flaherty writes Gritgirl’s newest video.

Our sometimes furious Finance minister couldn’t have handed Gritgirl better material on a silver platter if he’d tried, as I predicted a couple of blogposts ago:

Love the music!


Gritgirl strikes again: “Different Tory, same old story”

A well-timed new video release from Gritgirl with Brian Mulroney back in the news:

This video is well done showing the similarities of Harper vs Mulroney vis-a-vis the economy and how they’ve handled the recessions in each of their time frame as Prime Minister (or mishandled it/dismissed it, as it were). The only quibble I’d have with her description of this video is that I don’t consider the modern day incarnation of the current Conservative Party to be at all compatible with the nickname “Tory” to describe any of Harper and his bunch. That nickname died when MacKay sold out the Progressive Conservatives to the Alliance.



Sobering stats

Some more reasons for the Liberals to launch their On Probation website is to keep the Conservative government accountable to helping folks like these:

The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada said that more than 117,000 Canadians filed for bankruptcy in the 12-month period ending in January 2009. That represented an increase of 15.8 per cent compared to the previous 12 months. In January alone, more than 10,000 individuals in this country filed insolvency papers, up 2.9 per cent from December. Perhaps more tellingly, the number of Canadians who filed for employment insurance benefits rose above the 500,000 level nationally for January, Statistics Canada said Tuesday.

That’s half a […]


Gritgirl’s latest video released today

It’s titled, “The Harper Conservatives Massive Deficit”

UPDATE: By the way, the point of this video (which is in the video at the end) is not that the Conservatives are going to run a deficit, or even a bigger deficit then they forecasted. It’s that not so long ago, they were rejecting we’d be going into deficit. This video points out that Harper was still standing up in Parliament as he did in this clip, and telling Canadians there will be a surplus, when everyone else was thinking a deficit was unavoidable. As the clip shows, that was November 27, 2008.



Gritgirl returns with revised video of Harper’s Friday the 13th.

…using footage of Harper’s speech that presumably isn’t owned by CTV/Globemedia. Here it is again, with the punchline being “Harper and Conservatives Making It Up As They Go Along”

Wow.. just read this at Warren’s:

The Cons freaked when they saw GritGirls latest, and even apparently got lawyers involved to get it pulled. This is a new version she did, copyright-safe.

This time.. I’m putting it in my sidebar too in a new page I’ve created called Videos, to keep as a constant reminder to folks about the ineptness and the dishonesty of Harper and the Conservatives. The other videos of Gritgirl are going in there too.



“Harper and Cons making it up as they go along”

I don’t normally post too many blogposts back to back in such a short turnaround time, but this was too good to pass up. “Gritgirl” posts another Youtube video, striking again at the Conservative Government and Harper making things up on the economy as they go along.

Gritgirl’s Youtube videos that started getting posted last week are getting noticed in the mainstream media, with some paranoid Conservatives claiming that “Gritgirl” is a front for Warren Kinsella. I don’t know if that’s the case or not, but its interesting how paranoid they seem about Warren, and how these videos must be hitting the mark, if they’re lashing out at them.



Just a question..

Will this prorogue look so great strategically as a political ploy for Harper if some economic shockwave hits us during the 7 weeks of the mandatory holiday Harper has given Parliament?

My example of a shock wave would be one or more of the Big 3 Automakers going into bankruptcy, and I bring them up as the example because I saw the story that Red Tory brought up over at his site that mentioned their pleas for a bailout on the 2nd go-around didn’t seem to go over very well with Congress (apparently they are asking for 34 billion $ in bailout money.. I think if I were Congress, […]


Spot the differences between Obama and Harper’s reaction to the economic crisis.

Barack Obama said this today at his first news conference as the President-elect said this about more grim figures for the US economy:

Obama said that, if the lame-duck Congress fails to pass a stimulus package before he takes office January 20, passing such a package will be his first move…He said the country must deal with several immediate challenges. Obama said a fiscal stimulus plan to jump-start economic growth is “long overdue.”…The president-elect also said he would make it a high priority to work on additional policy options to help the struggling auto industry.

Note the key phrases; stimulus package, assistance to the auto industry.

It we look at […]


Harper victory not exactly reassuring the markets. And more copying from Harper.

It seems that the Harper minority victory which he promises to bring a “steadying hand” in times of economic turmoil isn’t exactly reassuring the Toronto stock market today, as it is currently down 518 points as of 3:30pm.

Meanwhile, Harper decides to do some more copying – this time rather then a John Howard speech, it’s of Dion’s economic 30 day plan that Harper just a couple of weeks ago was describing as Dion “panicking”. So, apparently Dion wasn’t panicking, but Harper decided to say so anyway for partisan political attacks. I’m sure CTV will get right on this contradiction. In a way, it sort of reminds of Trudeau attacking Robert Stanfield about wage and price controls, and then turning around and immediately implementing them after re-election. This is not dissimilar.

Well, as I said last night, we’ll see how much of a “steadying hand” Harper and his Cons. really are. Fortunately for us, Harper doesn’t have a blank cheque to do anything he wants, if he starts messing up, as I believe he will.

UPDATE: The TSX closes down 631 points. As Harper said last week, more great buying opportunities for Canadians.


Decima drops the Cons. lead on the Liberals to 4 points today.

The new Harris-Decima poll shows a narrowing gap of 4 between the Cons and the Liberals based on, you guessed it, economic worries:

The latest Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll gave Harper’s Conservatives 31 per cent support across Canada, just four percentage points clear of the resurgent Liberals. The New Democrats had 20 per cent support, with the Greens at 12 and the Bloc Quebecois at eight per cent. Four of every 10 respondents particularly women, city-dwellers and older, affluent voters say the roller-coaster markets are causing them to rethink their vote, largely at the expense of the Tories, said Harris-Decima president Bruce Anderson.

The Liberals remain well clear of the Cons. in Ontario, the Cons remain mired in 3rd place in Quebec, and here might be the most important part of the poll:

Wednesday’s poll also suggested newfound support for Liberal Leader Stphane Dion, who is “marginally more popular” than Harper for the first time in the campaign, Anderson noted. Positive impressions of Dion stood at 41 per cent, with 48 per cent of respondents reporting the opposite. Some 51 per cent of respondents said they had a negative impression of Harper, while 40 per cent were positive.

This poll was taken, I suspect, before the nation got to hear the PM tell everyone that people were panicking and there were great buying opportunities out there in the stock market. I’ll be interested to see how that comment reverberates with the Canadian public over the next day or 2.

UPDATE @ 11:40 am: Haha. Great snark by Kady O’Malley:

…for the first time ever, the Most Leaderiest Prime Minister in the History of Ever is one point below the European-schooled sociologist when it comes to having a favourable impression : 40% – a new low – with Not A Leader at 41%

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