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Tropical Storm/Hurricane interlude

Updated: Hurricane Dolly, July 22/08, 5:00 pm EDT

One of the quirks I have is a fascination with Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. Don’t ask me how that got started, but I’m in awe of the pure power these things possess, and also how beautiful they can look on radar and satellite. I of course do not wish for destruction or loss of life, just as a stormchaser doesn’t wish a tornado to hit a town head-on. It’s just an appreciation for this phenomenon that I have.

Anyhow, it appears from the 11 am National Hurricane Centre update that Dolly is about to gain Hurricane status, and could be making a landfall on the US/Mexico border at the extreme southern part of Texas, near the community of Brownsville, sometime tomorrow.

It appears its going to be another busy season in the Tropics, when we’re already up to the letter “D” for named storms in July, and the busy part of the Hurricane season hasn’t even got here yet. I don’t think anyone is predicting this early in the hurricane season that the NHC will run out of letters and have to go to the Greek Alphabet like they did in 2005, but they’re on the 2005 pace so far. I of course will not attempt to make a link to this and climate change, as it’s not enough evidence to on an active hurricane season to do that, but the  increased activity and ferocity of these storms makes you go hmm, or it should.

A real good place to follow hurricanes and tropical systems and get some good analysis is at the Weather Underground, and to follow the blog of Dr. Jeff Masters.

[email protected]: We have Hurricane Dolly, the 2nd of the season.

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