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This is your speech to convince the Canadian public the nation’s finances are in good hands?

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty decided to hold a press conference today, which initially led to all sorts of speculation what it might be – perhaps a crafty move to try and pressure opposition parties not to vote the Conservative Government down?

If that was the goal, I’m not sure this speech is going to do it:

The Conservatives admitted today that the federal government deficit would be worse — a total of $101 billion this year and next — than expected and that the government cannot say when it will balance the books again…In the budget, Flaherty had predicted that the government would begin running budget surpluses again in […]


Exposing the “Conservatives are good for the economy” as a falsehood.

The Gazetteer asks a very good question over at his blog over why Conservatives are being perceived as good economic stewards in times of economic trouble:

Stephen Harper turned a $12 billion dollar surplus into a deficit in the BEST of times. And now that things are going sideways and he’s telling us that, in these times of ‘uncertainty’, that he’s the best man for the job? And we’re believing him!?

The answer is that the Liberals and others are not drawing enough attention to this. This falsehood needs to be hammered home by them in stump speeches and in ads; they shouldn’t be counting on the media to point […]


Public purse for propaganda update.

I wrote back a few blogposts ago about the Conservatives using the public purse for propaganda in their advertising blitz – mainly to ridings not currently held by them. I also mentioned that locally, Dave Mackenzie had been sending out flyers to his own constituency here in Oxford in his name. I had stated that I was going to look into whether other Conservative MP’s from other ridings had done some “courtesy flyers” into this riding as well, but in the meantime, it seems Mr. Mackenzie has also engaged in this practise of throwing flyers into other non-Conservative ridings (or at least, the PMO has put his name to this ad, whether he was willing or not). Garth Turner points out this ad that’s been mailed out to voters in Liberal MP Mark Holland’s riding of Ajax-Pickering, on the other side of Toronto.

I don’t know yet whether Mr. Mackenzie followed the rules of only sending these out to 10% of the constituency in Mark’s riding. Let’s presume he did, for arguments sake. You still have Mackenzie and others like him participating in a national Conservative scheme that has cost anywhere from 8 – 10 million dollars of the public purse in order to send out pre-electioneering propaganda – a mass paper spamming campaign, if you will.

Meanwhile, you also have figures that the Globe and Mail obtained which shows the Consevatives had doubled Ottawa’s advertising budget to over 80 million dollars in the first year of their government – all of this in an effort to try and convince Canadians to give the Cons. a majority.

All of this propaganda spending as it’s revealed the Cons. have been running over a half a billion dollar deficit in the first quarter of this year – which the “10 percenter ad campaign” and general advertising budget for this year has no doubt contributed to.

Fiscal prudence? That’s the Cons. reputation? More like fiscal recklessness, and spammers to boot – all in the name of trying to fool enough Canadians to give them their majority government. I look forward to Dave Mackenzie and others like him trying to explain that strategy of “fiscal managment” to their local voters.

[email protected]:50 pm: Well.. we have another ad splurge into Guelph today. Courtesy of Matthew Hayday, it’s now Ted Menzies turn to send in Conservative ads. Menzies is the MP for Macleod from southwest Alberta.

Just a coincidence I’m sure that these show up on everyone’s doorstep there while there’s a bylelection going on in Guelph. 🙄

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