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Get Colby Cosh onto this right away..

This prelude to a climate change article in the NY Times by the Washington Monthly is an appropriate segue to my title, which I’ll explain in a bit:

Some of the lazier lawmakers and activists on the far-right not only reject all of the science on climate change, but in light of the CRU emails, have also decided that evidence itself is no longer worth considering. Reality, meanwhile, is indifferent to the demands of indolent ideologues.

And here’s the article that’s being referred to by the Monthly:

Despite recent fluctuations in global temperature year to year, which fueled claims of global cooling, a sustained global warming trend shows no signs […]


In other news, Colby Cosh is back.

More on the Afghanistan inquiry soon, but in case you missed it, Colby “I think global warming is overblown” Cosh, recently let go by the departed from the National Post, has found employment at Macleans. You can guess what he’s writing about – he’s picked up where he left off by spewing the same nonsense on climate change that he was spewing at the NP.

It’s no surprise he’d try to claim that all these hacked emails somehow discredit global warming and climate change, but as other more credible people on this file show, they clearly don’t do that. Colby is just blowing hot air here.

UPDATE – 12:03 pm […]

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