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Cutting legal corners to fit your ideology isn’t correct – Federal Court Judge on CWB

Well now, this is a ruling that should have some Conservative government officials fuming that they can’t always do as they please, even with a majority government:

A federal court judge has ruled that Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz’s tabling of a bill to dismantle the Canadian Wheat Board without holding a plebiscite among affected farmers was illegal. In a ruling issued Wednesday, Justice Douglas Campbell agreed with the wheat board, which had argued that Ritz breached the Canadian Wheat Board Act by pushing ahead with the legislation without consulting with the board’s directors or holding a vote among producers.

The kicker quote from the Judge? This:

“This fact requires that, […]


Miscellaneous Simcoe Day thoughts

What’s this, you’re wondering? Why am I calling it Simcoe Day? Well, its because I prefer calling it that to the rather anemic sounding “civic holiday”. In Toronto, they officially call this day “Simcoe Day” in honour of John Graves Simcoe, the first lietenant-governor of Upper Canada, and since I like having holidays that honour our past historical figures, that’s what I too, am calling it at this blog. Anyhow, some random thoughts on some political issues that have popped up:

1) Am I surprised that a government report basically absolves disgraced former Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier and blames his ex-girlfriend Julie Couillard? Not one iota. When have the Conservatives ever accepted responsibility for anything under their watch as a government? Never. They always try to find a scapegoat for their bumblings. Add this to the list, and I also won’t be surprised if I see some Conservative supporters clamouring for Bernier’s reinstatement over this whitewashed report.

2) With regards to the Federal government continuing its assault on the Canadian Wheat Board (which is well documented here) by removing third-party spending advertising limits during the wheat board elections, a move that shocked even anti-monopoly farmers, you’re going to get a glimpse in the Wheat Board elections of what Stephen Harper was trying to argue should be the case for general elections in Canada, when he went to court as a National Citizens Coalition president to try and have 3rd-party spending limits declared unconstitutional, and failed. Expect to see big food corporations out there pouring out ad money trying to sway the election in their and the federal government’s favour. (As an aside, you will notice this is just the latest in a pattern of dirty tricks that Harper and the Conservatives have attempted to do to game a voting system’s rules).


Bits and Bites – Some links.

I’ve been busy with attending and helping a 2 1/2 day family reunion that concluded Sunday, and I’m still feeling a tad worn out from that, but here are some things that grabbed my attention:

– Over at his blog, David writes that it appears the Conservative government is again trying to take it to the Wheat Board – and by extension the farmers which support it – by having “blocked the sale of the Canadian Wheat Board rail car fleet to the country’s wheat farmers, only to turn around and sell it off to the railways”. It appears a combination of wanting to sell to the highest bidder + […]

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