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Iggy: “If Harper succeeds you will wake up in a country you no longer recognize”

Warren K. made reference to a speech that Deputy Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff made at the Economic Club of Canada this morning that he praises and wishes the Liberals would have made a lot earlier. I don’t think it’s too late yet however to start drilling this message into people’s heads. (It’s not just making charges of a “hidden agenda” either. I think we’ve seen enough of Harper to know what he’d do if given a majority government).

Parts of the speech I liked: Iggy shows that Harper and the Conservative Party are NOT the best party to be the economic stewards for Canada, by listing what has happened to Canada since Harper and the Cons took over:

· The worst performance in the G8.
· Negative growth in GDP through the first half of this year.
· Government accounts on the brink of deficit.
· No contingency left in the budget. No margin for error.
· The worst productivity picture in 18 years — productivity growth has been negative this year.
· Stephen Harper is the first Prime Minister in 50 years to preside over an actual decline in Canadian productivity.

Check out the very excellent speech in the PDF file below.

Iggy speech to Economic Club of Canada.


The Nanos tracking poll tightens to 5 points.

The Sunday Nanos tracking poll shows another drop in Conservative support today – down from 11 on Friday, to 9 on Saturday to now just a lead of 5 points on the Liberals today. Are the new Liberal ads – 2 of them that are very tough on Harper – causing people to reconsider their support for Harper perhaps?

Results of today’s CPAC-Nanos tracking poll show the Conservatives leading in national support at 36%. Just 5 points behind are the Liberals at 31%, followed by the NDP at 20% and the Bloc Québécois and the Green Party tied at 7%. In Central Canada, the deadlock between the Conservatives and the Liberals in Ontario and the Conservatives, Liberals and Bloc in Quebec continues.

It appears the Liberals have picked up some support in all areas across the country, while the Conservatives have dropped – most notably in Quebec. Now, I’ll say the tricky thing with daily tracking polls is you could see a completely different result tomorrow, but at least according to Nanos, the race, my friends, is far from over.

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