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Liberals out in full force in Guelph.

Frank Valeriote officially opened up his campaign office in Guelph today.  Here are some pictures of the event:

Marva Wisdom, Scott Brison, Frank Valeriote

Marva was one of the folks running for the Liberal candidacy in Guelph, and she was at the event today to show her support for Frank, and was joined by Scott Brison, who also came to Guelph to show his support.

Gloria Kovach, Conservative Candidate, was asking where Brenda Chamberlain, the outgoing Liberal MP for Guelph was, and whether she supported Frank’s candidacy. Her campaign picked that up from the Guelph Mercury, and their political reporter at the Mercury’s blog re-asked that question. Here would be your answer:

Brenda Chamberlain, Marva Wisdom, Frank Valeriote at official campaign office opening.

She was at the official office launch showing her support. That’s where.  I hope that puts that whisper campaign to rest. Finally, here’s a group of enthusiastic Liberals listening to Frank addressing them.

A group of enthusiastic Liberals listens to Frank's remarks.

So things are officially rolling in Guelph for the Liberals.

[email protected]:15pm: Here’s another blogpost with some more pictures of the event.

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