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Bloggers will be officially accredited at the Montreal LPC Biennial Convention

The official word has come from the LPC: bloggers will be accredited to the Convention, and they are inviting applications for accreditation. Since they’ve sent out a press release, and the form is publicly available on the convention web site, I don’t think they will mind me re-posting it below (also because anyone, not just Liberal supporting blogs, can apply.. but they of course reserve the right to decide who attends. That said, I hope some non-Liberal bloggers or non-partican bloggers are approved).

The next big question for bloggers (yours truly included) is whether the travel and accommodation costs are worth covering a non-leadership convention. This will be primarily a […]


Capital News Online does story on CBC/iCopyright; I do a minor contribution for them.

Capital News Online is an online news magazine run by students in the Journalism program at Carleton University in Ottawa. They’ve recently done a story on the recent furore with CBC and it’s decision to use iCopyright to try and license the use of its news articles.

The contradictions of that policy and the online reaction to it is well documented in the piece; but if you click on the multimedia section of that story, you’ll get to hear my brief take on it. I apparently caught their attention with my recent opinion blogposts on here regarding that topic, and was asked if I’d participate in their story by answering […]


Tuesday Afternoon Random Musings

Here are some Tuesday afternoon random thoughts on a variety of topics I’ve seen today. Put together, a few short random thoughts equals a nice-sized blogpost. (Read More) […]


Dion talks to bloggers.

I’ve just finished participating in an interesting exercise. Yesterday I got an invite to participate in an “on the record” conference call that Stephane Dion was wanting to hold with various bloggers today. Those who could join the call would be able to hear some remarks he would make, and then he would answer some questions to him if any of us had any for him.

I won’t steal the thunder of all the rest of the bloggers who were on this call and who asked questions – I’m sure many of them will be posting their own thoughts, and I’m a tad rushed here – but for the specific benefit of Saskboy, whose phone cut out before the end of the conference call, I’ll say to him that Dion did definitely agree that the “10 percenter” fliers that the Conservatives have engaged in are definitely against the spirit of that law, and a definite indictment of this particular government on how it operates, and that some of his MP’s were going to see if they can make the case these violate the law (Saskboy has had 7 of these fliers show up in his mailbox from seven different Cons. MP’s – my sympathies).

I will say that I laud Mr Dion for going ahead and doing this and showing his willingness to interact with us. He made a good point about how younger people today seem to read blogs a lot more then they read or listen or watch traditional media, and that this will be an important medium now and in the future for getting people connected with politics and more involved.

[email protected]:48 pm: I should also mention that it sounds like from the folks who organized this that Dion would be willing to perhaps hold more of these calls, and I think increased blogger participation (ie. inviting more bloggers) or interaction in such a hypothetical future conference call is not out of the cards.

UPDATE [email protected]:20pm: Saskboy’s account and James Bowie’s acount of the chitchat are here and here (note that James plagiarized my title 😉 )

UPDATE [email protected]:30pm: There was one part of the Q & A that Dion said that was very interesting to me that I will bring up. Dion said he has no intention of using attack ads such as the Conservatives have done to him since he became leader and the Liberals in general over things such as the Green Shift. He said the Canadian voters will have a choice whether to support a positive campaign as he intends to run, or a negative campaign as he anticipates the Conservatives will do during an election campaign, and only a campaign will tell which one prevails.

I presume of course that doesn’t mean he and the Liberals aren’t going to point out the shortcomings or be critical of what they perceive to be wrong policies that the Conservatives have implemented – but the methods will probably be more subtle then the sharp attacks the Cons. are doing. At any rate, it’s an admirable stance he takes – we’ll see whether it helps win him and the Liberals an election.

Update [email protected] Aug 20, 1:30AM: Liberal Bag with his account of the call.

Update [email protected] Aug 20, 11:15 am: Jason with his account here.

UPDATE [email protected] 5:16pm: Jamie with his account here.


Send in your application to blog live at the Conservatives Convention

I just would like to echo what James blogged about yesterday, and what Warren lauded a couple of days ago and encourage bloggers of the progressive stripe to go to this Conservative Party page and send in an application to apply for blogger credentials at their 2008 national convention. The Liberals did this in 2006 (and had other bloggers who were there that weren’t Liberals, including yours truly at the time), so it will be interesting to see if the Cons. credential non-Blogging Tory bloggers.

I should also mention that I had a message from Stephen Taylor, Blogging Tories headmaster, on whether I was going to apply or not and encouraging me to do so. I don’t think I will, but that indicates to me that the Conservatives will be giving credentials to some bloggers not exactly receptive to their point of view.

For those wondering where and when this is, I’m told by Stephen it’s going to be held in Winnipeg sometime after Thanksgiving. Personally, I think it would be amusing to blog there from a progressive point of view if we have gone to an election before that and the Conservatives get removed from power by then. It would be priceless seeing Stephen Harper pout on stage. Of course, he’d be insufferable if they actually managed to hold on to power, but either way, it would give folks good material to blog about.

I encourage folks to apply.

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