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What our Conservative government would do here on abortion..

(..if they could get away with it):

International Development Minister Christian Paradis says the government will not fund overseas projects that allow war rape victims and child brides to obtain an abortion…Paradis says the government’s policy would follow the same logic as that behind Canada’s $3-billion G8 funding commitment for maternal and child health ‚ÄĒ no money should go towards abortion services. At the time, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said none of the those dollars would go toward abortion services because there were enough other worthy initiatives to support.

They can’t get away with it, however, as they know the Supreme Court would probably strike it down in an instant, […]


A big blue herring

Yea, the saying is usually a “red herring”, but I felt it appropriate to change it to blue to coincide with the Conservatives, whose colour is blue of course. Anyhow, regardless of the herring’s colour, that’s what this excuse for voting against a Liberal motion calling on the government to include family planning in any G8 maternal health initiative. Apparently, it’s anti-American:

Conservative MPs will vote against a Liberal motion today to include family planning as part of the G8 maternal and child health was clear the government had seized upon the second part of the Liberal motion which attacks the right-wing policies of the former George Bush government […]


That’s a stretch.

Stephen Taylor came up with a post trying to claim because the Liberals have some social conservatives in their caucus (GASP! What a revelation!), somehow that makes the Liberals and Dion hypocrites on abortion. As Red Tory says:

Last time I checked, I donít believe there was any requirement for members to fall into lock-step with the leader on this controversial issue and itís fair to say that Dionís position is entirely representative of the vast majority of the caucus.

It’s rather interesting to me that one rather innocuous sounding statement from Dion in answer to 1 question on that issue (dealing with Bill C-484, Ken Epp’s private member’s bill) in the broader 66 minute town hall at Halton where most of the questions were on the Green Shift and the environment has sent certain Conservative supporters scurrying around either trying to attack Dion, or else reassuring their readers what Harper has said on the issue (which isn’t much, at least not about his personal views on the topic).

You’d think they were afraid of being painted as being out of touch with the majority of Canadian opinion or something.


Friday bits and bytes


David Akin has done a pretty good investigative piece on the KLR Vu Guelph poll that caused some interest and controversy a couple of days ago when it was released. I’ll note here as I did over there at David’s site that I did send an email to the polling firm asking them how many of the 3396 respondents they polled refused to answer or hung up. I’ve yet to receive an answer back from the firm.


I was told by StageLeft that he had heard on Ottawa Radio CFRA this AM a Conservative-sympathetic host responding to Stephane Dion challenging Harper to state what his views on abortion […]

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