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Miss me?

Well, I FINALLY have my internet account set up at my new place.. so I’ll be back to regular posting again.


Incommunicado starting this weekend for about 3-5 days.

Sometime over this weekend (possibly starting tomorrow) I’m going to be “off the grid” for a few days – except for email and if you happen to have Blackberry messenger (and happen to know my username). I’m moving to a new place, and internet isn’t going to get hooked up until mid-week – possibly Wednesday. So, please don’t panic if you don’t see anything new on here for that time frame (I may have some guest bloggers on here – we’ll see).

When I get back online though, my posts should return to a more normal routine of being posted on a daily basis for the most part, as I’ll […]


Some revised blogposting times.

Hello folks. You may have noted lately that I’m now posting mostly at nights. The explanation: my current work schedule means I’m leaving very early for work in the morning, and I’m not home until early evening. I’m getting adjusted to that, that will mean posting at nights (or it may mean I’m not posting at all on some nights., when I’m pooped), and day posts may be restricted to the weekends.

I’ll do my best to keep up on current affairs, if it hasn’t been beaten to death already by other good bloggers at Liblogs, Progressive Bloggers, and elsewhere.


Sunday Bird Blogging Edition; Red-headed woodpecker

I haven’t been able to get a picture of this visitor that’s shown up the past 2 days, as it’s a bit too far away, so you’ll have to do with a stock photo from a bird site (for now; hopefully it comes with camera range):

It’s a pleasure as a bird watching enthusiast to see this bird (the last time I saw this bird was about 15-20 years ago) because it is listed as a species of special concern in Ontario, and threatened nationally.


I love the retro 70’s look from Norway

On a much lighter Olympic note, the Norwegian Curling team’s pants are a hit. What pants, you say? If you haven’t been watching curling, it’s these ones:

The Norwegian Olympic Curling Team's Pants

Someone decided to create a fan page for their pants at Facebook, and they’re now over 313 thousand members. Not bad at all. They’re also getting widespread media coverage of their choice of decor, and that’s not bad publicity for the sport of curling either.

Most importantly, they’re backing up their fancy look with good play. They are one of Canada’s main threats right now for a gold medal.



Another complaint about CTV

On the Olympic Morning show on CTV, they always switch over at the top of the hour to their news announcer to do the “Top News Stories” of the day. When I was watching this morning, the “Top News Stories” today included:

– Tiger Woods impending (at the time) pseudo -press conference – Canadians being rescued from sinking ship in Brazil – A zebra that got loose running on a highway in downtown Atlanta Georgia.

Maybe this changed later in the day, but I’m a bit miffed that the passing of John Babcock, Canada’s last WWI veteran, wasn’t considered “Top News” by CTV. The last living link to the First […]


A lack of consistency in arguments

The Atlantic Coast gets hit by record snowfall, and immediately the climate change skeptics come out of the woodwork. “This proves climate change and global warming is a hoax!” they scream. Presently at the Olympics, Vancouver’s interior inland is expected to hit 16 Celsius today – temperatures they don’t normally get to June. Snow or lack thereof has been a problem at Cypress Mountain for a month and a half prior to the Games even starting. I’ve also read it’s the warmest February in the Vancouver/Lower mainland area in almost 100 years.

I’m not seeing those same sceptics turning around and saying, “hmm, maybe global warming IS real!”, because of […]


Happy Holidays

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a Merry Christmas. Of course, many families who hold multiple Christmas get-togethers with different sides of the family hold them on Boxing Day as well, so my hope to those folks is that you’re having a good Christmas get-together, and Happy Boxing Day to you!


Consider buying a potted Christmas tree that can be planted after the holiday season

If you haven’t bought your Christmas tree by now, you might be out of luck this year. However, this might come in handy for you next year.

There’s often a debate about whether to buy a real one or an artificial one for inside the house. I have a different suggestion for you; next year consider going down to your local tree farm or gardening centre and buying a real tree that’s in its pot still, which can be planted by you in your yard (or somewhere else) after the holiday season.

As an example, my family this year put the artificial tree up inside, but went down to one […]


A holiday treat/test of WordPress 2.9’s easier to embed video feature.

I decided I’d try out whether the new release of WordPress 2.9 & its embedding movies/video is indeed easier to do then prior versions, while at the same time giving you folks a holiday treat: a version of “A Christmas Carol” not often seen these days on the television.

This is the 1935 British release, which as it so happens, was the first time “A Christmas Carol” was made in the “post-silent” film era. There are some moments where the script seems a bit corny – the actors seem to be trying too hard to be as literal as possible to Dicken’s original novel, but it’s still a fine version. […]

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