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Dumb move on Harper’s part: manages to equate JT and President Obama together as wimps on terror

I don’t normally blog this late, or on a Friday night.. but I couldn’t pass this up.

Tonight, the police managed to capture the 2nd suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing, which is important to find out what in the world caused these 2 to do what they did.

You may remember Harper and the Conservatives attacked Justin Trudeau for his wanting to know the “root causes” of the Boston Marathon attack (and Harper brought it up voluntarily in a foreign country, no less, an extremely crass politicizing of a tragedy.). You may hear more of that inflammatory rhetoric from them from on Monday when they debate their anti-terrorist […]


Should the religious left be as active as the religious right has been?

I wondered about that question as I read Ric Salutin’s op-ed on the United Church resolution to encourage their members not to buy goods produced from Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.

I was interested in the column, but I was struck by this part that Salutin said:

United churchpeople may find more encouragement in a National Post editorial that said they’d chosen “to put politics ahead of matters of faith. Indeed, it is getting harder to tell where the church ends and a budding left-wing political party begins.” I’d take that as encouragement if I were them. Politics is part of religion. Like Jesus, who drove the money-changers and […]


No shock here on the Conservative foot-dragging on Omar Khadr

A column in the Star today about how the Canadian government has been doing nothing to live up to its agreement it made with the US and Omar Khadr’s lawyers to bring Khadr home and out of the Guantanamo gulag:

Various United States officials have complained that Canada’s insolence is harming not only Omar, but U.S. interests. The United States’ credibility is damaged when it enters plea agreements that it cannot fulfill because the detainee’s own country will not hold up its end of the deal. Last week, the U.S. transferred Ibrahim al Qosi from Guantanamo to Sudan, where he arrived a free man. The U.S. can trust Sudan to […]


More foreign policy antagonism

You might have caught this story last week:

For a moment at least, it was a United Nations-basher’s dream come true. The UN had once again hugely discredited itself, this time by appointing Zimbabwe’s pariah President Robert Mugabe to be its tourism ambassador, of all things. An indignant Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird fairly leapt to his feet in Parliament on Wednesday, after Tory MP Joe Daniel conveniently asked him how Canada intended to respond to the news that “Zimbabwe’s despotic leader . . . was named as a UN envoy.” Baird denounced the “appointment” as “outrageous.” He said it shows how “out of touch . . . with reality” […]


Climate change sceptic sponsored study group: Global warming is real.

This is very amusing:

The Earth’s surface really is getting warmer, a new analysis by a US scientific group set up in the wake of the “Climategate” affair has concluded. The Berkeley Earth Project has used new methods and some new data, but finds the same warming trend seen by groups such as the UK Met Office and Nasa. The project received funds from sources that back organizations lobbying against action on climate change.

Where did those funds come from?

…Funding came from a number of sources, including charitable foundations maintained by the Koch brothers, the billionaire US industrialists, who have also donated large sums to organisations lobbying against acceptance […]


Political tidbits

This is stupid. If you don’t like the Mayor of Toronto, you vote against him next municipal election (or his councillors that support him). You don’t utter death threats, or God forbid, act on it.

This is tragic. This is done by people (lower class and mostly youth) who have nothing to lose and nothing to hope for, and worse, don’t particularly fear the consequences. By all means, bring the rioters to justice, but the underlying social issues are going to need to be addressed at some point.

Could it happen here? Probably not, but I bet there are more people feeling bereft of hope over their social […]


Sunmedia’s business model – attack the CBC

A brief observation: Wherever I turn, whether it be Ezra Levant’s raving on in the Sun tabloids, or Brian Lilley on SunTv, or even David Akin on Twitter questioning CBC policy or standards (which I find amusing by the way – since it’s David’s news organization who withdrew from the Ontario Press Council so that any minimum outside supervision of how it conducts its activities would be removed. No nasty oversight for them on press ethics or practices, but let’s bash others for theirs – talk about holier then thou), it’s become clear that the raison d’etre for SunMedia is to attack the CBC – for anything remotely trivial.

They […]


An observation on the Norway bombings/shootings

As you’ve no doubt heard, a far right extremist gunman who holds anti-immigration, anti-Muslim views decided to vent his wrath on the governing Socialist Party in Norway yesterday, blowing up a government building and then massacring scores of young socialist teenager members on an island. The death toll is horrific.

I’m waiting for those on the extreme right of the blogosphere/political spectrum to declare Canada should be deporting all Norwegians; you know; paint the whole nation of Norway with one prejudicial brush as they do with Muslims, and as they did yesterday before the actual facts came out. The rush to presuming it was a) Al-Queda, and b) declaring angrily […]


I guess the ‘almighty dollar’ spoke

Apparently, a majority government has changed the Conservative’s attitudes towards China:

Canada’s relationship with China will be the “centrepiece” of its Asian diplomatic ties, said Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird on Wednesday… Pushed on whether the growing trade relationship with the economic juggernaut is coming at the cost of Canadian values such as human rights, Baird said Canada could have the best of both worlds. “Canadian interests and Canadian values – we’re not going to make a choice between one or the other,” Baird said. “Neither one is more important than the other.”

It’s a different stance than Prime Minister Stephen Harper took in 2006, following an apparent snub when […]


Any of you feel sorry for Rupert Murdoch?

Poor guy. Some “rogue” employees at News of The World decide to hack into some phones, and he’s forced to shutter the 148 year old tabloid (the first newspaper he bought, incidentally), plus his bid to buy a majority bid into SkyNews (the major competitor to the BBC) gets scuttled as well.

I’m broken up here, I can tell you.

I wonder about Fox News, and what’s been going on there. Have they kept their noses clean? The FBI investigation may shed light into that.

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