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This was a pleasant surprise when I saw this: my friend Jonathan Ross, who used to do some political commentary at TDH Strategies, has returned to online commenting at the new site

What will CivicScene discuss? Here’s what the site says in their own words:

CivicScene is a new voice on the Vancouver municipal blogging scene that aspires to provide informative, balanced and interesting viewpoints on the most pressing issues in municipal politics and policymaking. The blog will be managed by a team of progressive voices (many of which will continue to be added to this profile as further collaborations are struck) from across North America who will […]


A very Happy Canada Day

… to all my readers and friends.


A recipe for failure is exactly what’s intended, and some big news?

Stephane Dion’s first public statements to the Bali forum did not mention Canada or the Conservative government by name, but it wasn’t too hard to figure out who he was referring to when he said that those governments who advocate all-or nothing plans on climate change are doing a recipe for failure:

“It’s certainly not enough to say, ‘I will do something only if the others do something,”‘ Dion said. “The good philosophy is to say, ‘I will do the most I can and I ask you to do the same.”‘

Of course, this recipe for failure is designed that way on purpose by the Cons. Their hardliner position is […]


A welcome upgrade

This is a few days late after the fact, but an event I didn’t think we’d ever see has come to pass. Warren Kinsella’s site now has permalinks to his blog commentary, so anyone can now directly link to all those musings that seem to get someone into a lather or an uproar on a daily basis. Not only that, he has RSS feeds enabled as well!

The other thing I like is the new spiffy look for his blog. My compliments on the changes.


It’s obvious the Islamofascists are in control of the 4th Estate

When the right-wing Sun Media newspaper chain finds Rachel Marsden too extremist even for their tastes, you know there can’t be any other explanation then this (if you’re a fan of hers, that is).

Of course, the other explanation is that even the Sun knows when the line of decency has been crossed.


Mock outrage.

I said I wasn’t probably posting on here till Sunday unless I saw something that riled me up. Well, something has.

If you were to consider yourself an investigative blogger trying to delve deeper into a story, there are several options you could choose to do right now. You could investigate the Conservative campaign funding issue and see just how many MP’s and candidates were involved in this potentially embarrassing story for the CPC if they’re ruled in the courts to have violated election laws; you could investigate the Surete De Quebec police admitting to have planted agent provocateurs in the protesters at Montebello; you might even take a look […]


Infoscapelab releases new study on Canadian bloggers and how partisan they are.

Professor Greg Elmer of Ryerson University, who is also the Infoscape Director & Bell Globemedia Research Chair at Ryerson, alerted me to this new study seeing just how “partisan” bloggers in the Canadian political landscape are. Greg and I first met at the “Bloggers Room” last December at the Liberal Party Convention – he had been invited to the action partially I think to blog about us bloggers who were covering it and for research into the political blogging phenomenon. He had a few good chats with us, and he was also featured prominently in CPAC’s coverage of us at the Convention as well.

I won’t make any conclusions myself […]

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