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Dumb move on Harper’s part: manages to equate JT and President Obama together as wimps on terror

I don’t normally blog this late, or on a Friday night.. but I couldn’t pass this up.

Tonight, the police managed to capture the 2nd suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing, which is important to find out what in the world caused these 2 to do what they did.

You may remember Harper and the Conservatives attacked Justin Trudeau for his wanting to know the “root causes” of the Boston Marathon attack (and Harper brought it up voluntarily in a foreign country, no less, an extremely crass politicizing of a tragedy.). You may hear more of that inflammatory rhetoric from them from on Monday when they debate their anti-terrorist […]


A comparison of car regulations vs gun regulations

I saw this on Facebook from a friend:

It was made by the “Occupy” movement in the US, and obviously is most relevant to them, but with what has been going on up here in Canada of late with a pro-gun /anti-gun regulation Conservative government, and their actions/attempts/considerations at weakening gun control laws and/or gun regulations, I thought it would be good to see the comparisons, to see where Canada currently stacks up.

If anyone honestly can argue that the regulations on the right that the Occupy folks would like to see on guns isn’t reasonable, be it in the US or Canada, I’d like to see the argument.



President Obama re-elected, and the geeks with their models got it right.

President Obama won a tough battle last night over Mitt Romney and has been re-elected to President of the United States. In the electoral count, it will end up (after Florida gets declared this morning) a total of 332-206 Obama.. which was 29 more then I thought he’d get, as I wasn’t expecting Florida to go Obama’s way.

If you take a look at that electoral map, here’s something worth considering: Obama was widely considered to have a comfortable margin in polling before the first debate in Denver. He had a poor debate, when he let Mitt Romney go unchallenged on main points. It allowed Romney back in the […]


One more day..

..until we all stop talking about (or at least see it greatly reduced in convos) American politics for at least two years (the Congressional midterms come up then).

An interesting election campaign to watch. National polls are close or tied – though they’ve trended back towards Obama.. and he holds leads in most of the critical swing state polls that have been taken, indicating he should win re-election. Republican supporters however, are just as vehement that Romney will win.. and that the polls are all too slanted towards Democratic voters – a curiosity I’ve never seen here in Canada – this obsession with what voter sample regarding political parties is. […]


New polls show Obama has the momentum

IF you’re a supporter of President Obama and want him re-elected, these new polling numbers will make you smile. Markos over at Daily Kos is clearly pleased, and he should be, as will a lot of Democrat supporters:

Quinnipiac University, on behalf of CBS and the NY Times, stuck a dagger in Romney’s Ohio hopes by showing President Barack Obama up 50-45, as well as a one-point lead in Florida and two-point lead in Virginia. Marquette University, the best pollster during the Wisconsin recall, now shows Obama winning the state 51-43. Their last poll a couple of weeks ago had it 49-48 Obama. PPP has Obama cruising in Iowa 50-45, […]


We’ve found the only sane Republican in 2012

Republican Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey praises Obama and his leadership for assisting New Jersey with the aftermath of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy (which means of course he’ll be automatically disqualified from running for President in 2016 by the frothing tea party wing):

Even better, he went on Fox News and chastised the Republican-biased hosts for trying to bring politics into it.. praised Obama there too… another strike against him (in his fellow Republicans eyes).


Dalton decides against running; Obama shows Romney foreign affairs isn’t about playing Battleship

As you know by now, Dalton Mcguinty has declared he won’t be running for the federal Liberal leadership. I’ve said previous to this that I didn’t think he would be able to beat Harper, particularly in Ontario, where his reputation wouldn’t be the best. Perhaps Dalton figured this out too, or perhaps he was just persuaded that he should call it a day politically… but I think his decision was the correct one and for the best.

That of course means the Liberals still don’t have any real ‘big names’ to currently run against Justin Trudeau, the obvious front-runner at this point. Everyone agrees, it seems, that the Liberals […]


Random Friday musings

– I wished Dalton Mcguinty well a few days ago, but the reason (or one of the reasons) I soured on him and the Ontario Liberals is they seemed to try to copy a lot of what Harper and the Federal Conservatives were doing – from the same slogans, to using an omnibus bull (er.. bill), to weakening environmental laws to now proroguing the legislature – too similar for me to be very comfortable with the OLP in its current configuration under Dalton. That is why I hope for a more progressive leader to lead the OLP, and why if Dalton Mcguinty runs for federal Liberal leader (which I am […]


A US election prediction

Hardly going on a limb here, I don’t think.. but let me just say that unless something drastic happens (i.e Obama somehow does a disastrous debate or 2), I think Obama is cruising to re-election. He may not win the national popular vote by much, and he may not win as many electoral college votes as he did in 2008, but in the swing states that matter, he will win more then enough it appears, and in some cases win by good margins. Mitt Romney can’t seem to go a week without putting his foot in his mouth; he at times has proceeded to put both feet in his mouth […]


47 %’ers

There’s a big hubbub in the US over the leaked Mitt Romney tape from a private fundraiser earlier this year, where he disparages 47% of the US people who support Obama as being dependent on handouts, etc. He’ taking yet more flak over it.

Personally, I think it’s good this was released. Now, everyone sees Romney for what he is and how he would act if President, (not just wondering what he’d be like, since he’s tried to be as opaque and shape-shifter like as possible) and it will give the far-right wingers – who’ve all been applauding this by the way and agreeing with it-, a chance to see […]

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