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Happy whatever holiday you prefer to call it.

So, in Ontario, most people are celebrating “Family Day” today. Personally, I would have preferred they called it Heritage Day or Flag Day, since Feb 15th is the day in 1965 that the current Canadian Flag officially replaced the Red Ensign:

Lester B. Pearson introducing the Maple Leaf as the official flag of Canada.

Personally, I think “Heritage Day” or Flag Day should be made a mandatory federal holiday, rather then all these patchwork civic holidays with their own unique name, but regardless, if you do have a holiday today, have a good one.


A stray quick thought on Omar Khadr and the Obama visit to Canada.

If Stephen Harper (or his spokesperson) are saying they will not bring Omar Khadr up with President Obama, and if their claim that they don’t expect Obama to bring it up to them pans out, (though I would hope Obama surprises them and does raise the issue, which would make for some uncomfortable discussions for Harper), then I think it’s imperative that Michael Ignatieff – who gets a 10 minute courtesy chat with President Obama as leader of the Official Opposition – does bring it up with Obama when the 2 of them have their brief chit-chat. Furthermore, I’d hope Ignatieff makes sure the Harper government knows loud and clear […]


Macleans starts doing video podcasts.

I’m presuming they’ve just started doing these, as I can’t find any others. If I’m wrong, I’ll correct it and say it’s the first one I’ve noticed.

Anyhow, presuming that this IS the first one, I think it’s a nice new feature Macleans has started. A popular blogsite in the US called Talking Points Memo has been doing podcasts for awhile at their TPM TV section of the website, (an example of one is here) and it’s been a nice addition that has enhanced their website. Hopefully the same thing will happen for Macleans, and this becomes a regular feature.

In today’s inaugural (?) podcast at Macleans, we have […]


TVO’s response to my letter

TVO sent out a form letter to those of us who complained to them about Kathy Shaidle appearing on The Agenda. The letter reads as follows: (read more) […]


The Shaidle/TVO Recap.

So, TVO ended up bringing her on the show. They left a pseudo-explanation that Warren detailed over at his site. Basically, they sloughed it off, or wimped out, or didn’t think it through very well, or all the above.

I didn’t watch The Agenda (the show she was on) because I had better things to do then see if she would make a mockery of TVO (truth be told, I was out curling). However, a couple of brave souls did decide to watch it, and the best recap I can find is this one left by Montreal Simon. Some rather amusing screen caps as well. I do want to apologize […]


Shaidle goes postal

TVO, do you still want Kathy Shaidle on your show tonight? Really? Look at her outbursts today on reacting to the campaign to keep her off of TVO… and tell me why she should be still on there. (Read more). […]


Update to TVO post

Warren has posted a few relevant updates to his original post about the TVO situation and their “Five Feet of Fury” guest, who by the way is going to be there as a “religious writer” to comment on the atheist billboard campaign on buses. (Her guest profile at TVO lists her old Relapsed Catholic blogsite, not her new one).

There are plenty of good bloggers out there – and ones with religious content – that are also able to comment on this issue that I’m sure TVO could have found that are a LOT less toxic then Ms. Shaidle. Let them know that when you contact them. They ARE […]


An open letter to TVO about a certain “5 feet of fury” guest.

I noticed this blogpost by Warren mentioning that Kathy Shaidle is supposed to be a guest on TVO tonight, and his mention of how he’s uncomfortable with her being on a public television broadcast.

Why the discomfort? Well, I’m going to republish his list of Shaidle’s venom on a few certain topics, and you tell me whether you think someone like this should be on TVO:

· On Islam: “…your religion is fucking retarded…ungrateful beligerent foreign savages…These are people who love watching beheading videos on the internet…A sick, sick religion. Basically Scientology with bombs. Pathetic whiny losers.” · On Muslim and Pakistani immigrants: “Muslims…most of them can’t even read…What we […]


Harper’s hack calls Khadr letter a “stunt”..I wonder what Obama thinks.

I didn’t expect much from the Conservatives today in the way of positive reaction over the 3 federal opposition parties joint letter to Harper and Obama requesting the repatriation of Omar Khadr to Canada. Thus, It wasn’t surprising to me to hear that Kory Teneycke, the Conservative government’s spokesperson, called the letter “playing politics” , and the Omar Khadr’s defense team’s proposal for re-integration of Omar into Canadian society “a PR stunt”.

His rather belligerent attitude caused the Canadian Press to state that it was highly unlikely the issues surrounding Omar Khadr would be discussed, after Kory Teneycke publicly went on to say he didn’t expect either leader to bring […]


Opposition leaders write joint letter to Obama and Harper on Omar Khadr

Since the death of the coalition government option, there have been some hard feelings between the three opposition leaders. Today, however, they have put aside their differences and sent a joint letter to both President Obama and Prime Minister Harper, asking President Obama to release and repatriate Omar Khadr to Canada, calling on Harper to support that measure and work with the governments of Ontario and the law society to help with Khadr’s re-integration and supervision, as well as asking President Obama to transfer any evidence of wrongdoing that the US has to Canada so that if appropriate, charges would be laid here.

The PDF File of the joint letter […]

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