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Best article on the Obama visit…

.. in my admittedly Liberal-slanted POV comes from Richard Gwyn of the Star, commenting on the Obama/Ignatieff meeting, titled, Ignatieff has what it takes to be a first-tier leader:

Unless all my instincts are dulled and my antennae have rusted (most certainly possible), I’m pretty sure Ignatieff is going to become our next prime minister…This thought, which has been percolating in my head for a while, went crystalline in mid-week when I read a piece by New York Times columnist Bob Herbert, based on a recent conversation he and some other journalists had with Obama aboard Air Force One.. Obama then remarked to Herbert that occasionally in history, real change was possible: “It’s not a certainty, but it’s possible.” Herbert asked whether Obama thought the world was now in the midst of one of those potential historical moments. Obama answered: “Yes, I firmly believe that.”

Ignatieff could talk like that. Harper can’t. That’s why I believe that Ignatieff is on track to become our next prime minister. Harper is a very good, second-tier prime minister. He’s smart, composed and not afraid to make tough decisions. But he simply hasn’t got what it takes to be a first-tier leader.

I don’t disagree with Gwyn’s view on Harper. On Ignatieff, we shall certainly see within the next little while if Gwyn’s instincts are correct.  Perhaps it’s a good omen for Iggy that last night on NY Time Square video screen, this was the picture they were showing on Obama’s visit to Canada – it was not him and Harper, but him posing with Ignatieff.

UPDATE @ 12:40 pm: I was trying out a Javascript popup feature option we now have in this newest version of WordPress you can enable when you click on links, but I’ve been convinced by Pogge (he who just re-did his own blogsite) that it’s a redundant feature.. so I’ve disabled it and re-enabled normal link clicking.


11 comments to Best article on the Obama visit…

  • kwittet

    The Liberals and their media shills are fixated on finding the next Messiah who will lead them to the promised land. A couple years ago the Messiah was Paul Martin Jr. For a fleeting moment some touted Justin Trudeau. Credulity was stretched to its limits with Stephane Dion. And now it’s Michael “Messiah” Ignatieff. Who will it be next week?
    Hopefully BOB RAE!!! LMAO

  • kwittet

    Any careful examination of the life and times of Michael Ignatieff will show that the one core principle he will never abandon is his ability to abandon. Friends, acquaintances, organizations, causes, universities, countries and now coalition partners. All have tasted the sour juice of abandonment. Michael Ignatieff, as anyone paying attention knows, was never elected by his party members to be leader. Ignatieff successfully convinced the party brass to abandon the idea of a real leadership convention. When democracy becomes inconvenient, Michael Ignatieff goes to his default position, Abandon. We need to remember that he signed off on the coalition document which was all about abandoning democracy.
    And now the latest fiction. Michael Ignatieff, the unelected leader of the Liberals rescuing the Canadian economy by imposing its wonderful Liberal economic ideas on the budget – Fiction. What the Great Abandoner has done successfully is put a gun to the head of the Harper government, blackmailing the Government into bringing in a budget that will drown the Canadian balance sheet in red ink for many years to come.

    In the meantime, much of the Canadian media will treat the Great Abandoner as the Prime Minister in Waiting, a Northern Obama. Michael Hussein Ignatieff is scheduled to become Prime Minister by Christmas of this year if not sooner, and it will happen if enough voters abandon their senses. If you are looking for a safe harbor from this fiction storm, you have it here.

  • kwittet

    Obamamania is running wild here too…we are doomed..this man is more dangerous and stupid than bush..lets see. we got into this mess by reckless lets go wild and really try to outdo all that reckles spending with more reckless spending.
    so here are a few thoughts to ponder
    a couple go into a bank to get a mortgage
    they get approved and spend within there limits.
    another couple goes in with nothing and over spends.
    now here comes obama saying..
    i am going to help out the people who dont deserve it but the ones who made every effort to live within there means…FOFF
    United Socialist AMERICA


  • “Harper is a very good, second-tier prime minister. He’s smart, composed and not afraid to make tough decisions.”

    Perhaps Richard Gwynn is displaying some of that compulsive Canadian niceness that Obama has heard so much about.

  • @pogge – Ok.. you’ve convinced me.. as you’ll see in my “updated” post.

  • Okay, I don’t get it. I click on the second link and it opens a post at Warren Kinsella’s site in a tiny little window that I have to resize in order for it to be useful. You can get the same result by adding target=”_blank” when you code the link and the new window would be the same size as the user’s existing window. Or you could do as you normally do and let me right-click and choose to open the page in a new tab which is what I’m in the habit of doing to the point where I go for the right mouse button without even thinking about it. To my mind this isn’t a very useful feature though I suppose if you can enable it once and then do as you always do, it’s not a lot of work for you and it doesn’t hurt me because I’ll never see it again. 😉

  • @pogge – Actually, pogge.. you need to click on the link as you would normally (as in the case of the first link to the article, which I left as a “normal” link).

  • Okay, just for you I created an exception for your site. If something is supposed to happen when I hover over those links, it still isn’t. Firefox 3.0.6 on XP with Service Pack 3. I’ll be in Linux later and if I remember, I’ll come back and check it then.

  • @pogge – Come on Pogge.. you can disable popups for specific sites.. surely you can disable it for my specific site this one time to test it out? 🙂

  • Whatever is supposed to be happening in the way of a popup screen, isn’t. Of course I have popups blocked and I’m not changing that because of some new WordPress feature. You should probably bear in mind that I’m not alone. And while we’re on the subject, I hate Snap.

    From Gwyn:
    Harper is a very good, second-tier prime minister.

    What? If that’s Gwyn’s opinion then his endorsement of Ignatieff is the kiss of death as far as I’m concerned.

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