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A study in differing media public relations.

From the Toronto Star’s Bruce Campion-Smith blogging over at the Star’s Political Notebook, we see how one administration makes sure the message gets out, and how the other reacts like it’s getting their teeth pulled:

White House officials have promised American journalists a full briefing this afternoon after the President meets with the Prime Minister and together they hold a news conference. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s office has just alerted Canadian journalists that the briefing they had planned for 4 p.m. has been cancelled. It will now be held Friday afternoon. It’s a curious move that gives the Americans a leg up on the public relations front in trying to present their views of the day.

I suppose one could say the  reason is the PMO is being generous to Michael Ignatieff ; after all, he’s having his photo-op with the President at 4 pm.  But if anyone believes that,  you’d also believe Harper and Obama are remarkably similar and have “quite a bit in common“.

UPDATE @ 4:35 pm: Apparently, they’ve had some sort of briefing after all: We’re about to get briefed from CBC on what was actually released.


4 comments to A study in differing media public relations.

  • Roll Tide

    Listening to the media, Ignatieff, even some Tories, its nice to see a Prime Minister who is not sucked into this Obama hysteria. Harper stood up for Canadian interests in a forcefull, yet diplomatic way. Harper and Obama both had a good day.

  • Ah, the late Friday Afternoon presser,… aka, Harper can say anything he wants, the American media will not be looking and the news cycle will end over the weekend,…

    Any want to bet that Harper is going to be stretching the truth a little?


    Didn’t think so.

    In other news, many Rightwing Blogging Tories who have declared Obama as a Marxist, Commie, Socialist, Liberal,… blah, blah, blah Are now busy telling us how remarkably similar Obama and Harper are,… like they are almost twins,… They then further expound the point to explain that Harper is doing a great job and that Canada is just so incredibly luck to have Harper as our God and Saviour.

    Tomorrows Rightwing News, Obama is pure socialist evil who will destroy the world and everything that is good in it. And remember to vote Harper

  • Anonymous

    It could be a logistics thing. The media will cover the Iggy meeting and the flyback late afternoon. Besides, there could be another restructuring inside the PMO before then. Maybe Harper wants to brief Layton and Duceppe first, or find out why Michaelle Jean got 45 minutes with the President. He may also want to know about this Clean Energy Grid thing Obama talks about, and about US plans to regulate CO2 emissions as part of the EPA mandate. So many reasons…

  • I hear that the PMO feared the media would cover the meeting with Iggy instead of the Harper “synopsis”. Makes sense – Iggy has stolen Harper’s thunder before…

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