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“Canada is quietly becoming a basket case”

Sober reading from Slate Magazine:

Since 2004, a succession of unstable minority governments has led to a constant campaign frenzy, brutalizing Canada’s once-broad political consensus and producing a series of policies at odds with the country’s socially liberal, fiscally conservative identity. Canada is quietly becoming a political basket case, and this latest election may make things even worse..

A not so subtle reference to the Conservatives in that last line. What exactly is making Canada a basket case? Well.. our former fiscal prudence is going by the wayside thanks to the Cons:

In June, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development warned that Canada—for years the only G8 country to post regular budget surpluses—was likely to fall into deficit this year, thanks to a reckless cut to the national sales tax.

The Conservatives attempt at being Big Brother is also being noticed, as is their subtle attempt to re-open the abortion debate with Epp’s private members bill C-484:

In February, the government proposed denying funding to films and TV shows whose content it deemed “not in the public interest,” sparking cries of censorship from a sector that has historically received public support. In 2007, a member of the governing Conservative Party proposed a bill that would reopen the debate over abortion, a topic that governments both liberal and conservative have avoided for decades.

And Harper’s insistence on being a northern clone of George W. Bush is also noted:

The country is projecting its uncharacteristic behavior abroad as well. After decades of encouraging countries to increase their foreign-aid spending, Canada cut its own, from 0.34 percent of GDP in 2005 to just 0.2 percent last year. Long a beacon of human rights, Ottawa announced last fall that it would stop advocating on behalf of Canadians sentenced to death in other countries. And Canada is now the only Western country that still has one of its citizens held in Guantanamo, but Ottawa has refused to press for his release.

Oh yes, Canada’s “back” to being noticed, Harper.. for the wrong reasons. There is an encouraging poll out today though. A lot of Canadians can’t stomach the thought of Harper winning a majority:

The poll showed that more than half of Canadians — 54 per cent — reject the idea of a Conservative majority government, while 35-per-cent support it. Also, 38 per cent of Canadians reported they would be prepared to vote strategically, by switching their vote to another party, to prevent the prospect.

I’d prefer him removed from government all together, but this is a good start.

H/T Impolitical.


9 comments to “Canada is quietly becoming a basket case”

  • ted

    I read the article and had a good laugh.
    Slate has a radio program the XM station “POTUS 08”. I listen often. They are the epitome of liberal elitist attitudes.
    If Slate magazine thinks the sky is falling in Canada, we must be on the right track.

  • Smack

    Abortion fear mongering? There’s no fear mongering, Harper has clearly stated that he intends to reopen the abortion debate. And when you want to do that there is only one reason, you are anti-abortion and want the status-quo changed. I’m not sure he can actually do this since it now falls under security of person within the charter of rights and freedoms. But I guess it’s better to have people crossing the border to use US clinics or dying from backroom abortions in Harper’s eyes. Another reason why this party is leading to the REGRESSION of Canada. Not even Bush reopened that can of worms.

  • Moebius

    But the best answer is: are you really in any position to ask people to stop trolling?

    That is pretty damned funny.

    More amusing is Scott attacking the CPC based on a “gasp”! American media source!

    OK, it’s from Slate, but still….

  • ALW

    Aaron, why don’t you take up blogging again and stop trolling?

    For one, I have a job. For two I’m actually spending most of the remainder of my waking hours working on the election instead of yapping about it.

    But the best answer is: are you really in any position to ask people to stop trolling?

  • Ti-Guy

    Aaron, why don’t you take up blogging again and stop trolling?

  • ALW

    Let’s see -that’s feigned concern about fiscal prudence, equating conservatism with stupidity, abortion fearmongering, Bush referencing, Yank-bashing and selective poll referencing, all in the same post. All you’re missing is a reference to Big Oil, Scott, and you’ve got all the old campfire tales covered.

    I can’t wait to see what excuses you trot out on October 15th.

  • I heard that about being at the bottom of the barrel..Harper is not like Bush at all…he is far more extreme than Bush..Watch out !!!The Alliance party was more extreme, as well as the Reform Party, and that is where Harper is.. He is not any part of the old PC, at all. He is wrecking the Country, and it took so many years to become a great Country, and he wants to undo it.

  • kwittet

    Christopher Flavelle was previously a speechwriter for Stéphane Dion, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Funny Scott how you failed to mention this fact when you cut and pasted all those quotes. I am not surprised that you have to dig so deep to find something negative and one poll that suits your views. Getting worried? My close relatives(your cousins)long time liberal supporters and many friends of mine..long time liberal supporters are scared to death of the green shift because of what Dion claims is a consuption tax and a work in progress. We consume as a society and to get a pissy little income tax break in exchange for the cost of everything else going up in these tough economic times does not sit well with average Joe public.

  • Joseph

    An excellent summary! Thank you.

    So in other words we’re not exactly back, eh?

    Would you care to make an ad with this message? There is a certain political party I like that clearly needs it to step up their thus far non-existent efforts.

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