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Shorter Jim Flaherty:

Don’t worry, be happy.

Oh, and by the way, it’s the media’s fault for Canadians thinking we’re going into an economic decline:

“There is a steady drumbeat of negative media coverage on the state of the U.S. economy,” he told a business audience this morning. “Sometimes I think this spills over into Canadian readership and influence on Canadians. Often, when you pick up a newspaper, economic forecasts are being adjusted downwards.

Thanks Jim. I feel much better now.


4 comments to Shorter Jim Flaherty:

  • Loraine Lamontagne

    Harper. Christmastime. That was my first thought when I read today’s CIBCs news release about Canadians being overly prudent and sitting on record amounts of cash.

  • Let me get this straight, Flaherty is actually arguing that negative media coverage is hurting consumer confidence? As Mark pointed out, this nonsense from the guy telling everyone not to invest in Ontario. Practice what you preach. Unbelievable.

    One other part, that wasn’t mentioned, Flaherty also bragged to an Ontario audience today, that the high dollar was helpful in keeping down inflation. If there is one province where the high dollar is of concern, it’s Ontario, people don’t see it as a good thing, because really the rapid rise isn’t.


  • The nerve of that media reporting on all of Flaherty’s economic fear mongering last month regarding Ontario.

  • hanaboomom

    Actually, the phrase that went through my head when I saw the photo was, “What, me worry?” He’s kind of even got an Alfred E Neuman look going there.

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