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More on Ms. Guergis.. and a new blog mysteriously appears.

I see Impolitical is talking about Helena Guergis again this morning, or more specifically, Michael Ignatieff’s visit to her riding last week prior to the hotel library gala controversy where some believe the hotel library directors were warned that he shouldn’t appear, lest federal funding might suddenly dry up for the project. By the way, a big thumbs down to those hotel library directors for bowing to political pressure and/or intimidation and/or threats if this is what occurred.

I also wanted to highlight a blog just started up that was brought to my attention by a reader. The site is called blogging helena, and it’s a rather amusing spoof of Helena’s supposed thoughts on daily matters. I think I might keep my eye on that one. (Just one word of correction to the anonymous blogowner, Impolitical isn’t a gentleman).


3 comments to More on Ms. Guergis.. and a new blog mysteriously appears.

  • Ugh.. yes. thank you.

  • DPat

    I presume by “hotel” gala and directors, you mean “library” gala and directors ?

  • slg

    Trudeau said….in the bedrooms of the “nation”. He did not say in the ….bedrooms of the “state”.

    Do you think we have every right to feel secure that our cabinet ministers are being extra careful with whom they associate? You betcha.

    A CSIS guy said yesterday that biker gangs/Hells Angels are known to get young people in positions where they are close to confidential info so they can find out the secrets, etc……

    Remember Gerda Munsinger?

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