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I’m checking that blogpost twice to make sure I read it right..

Jason Cherniak and I don’t agree on everything when it comes to policy and strategy where it pertains to the Liberal Party. I think it would be fair to say Jason is on the centre-right for the majority of issues in the Liberal party, while I’m definitely on the centre-left (that is my perception of our views on certain things). Jason also is much more connected to the Liberal Party insiders, whereas I still would be looked at as one of those people as almost observing from the outside, and one of those “irritating bloggers” to boot.

However, judging from his title, even if he kind of doesn’t come out and say it in the blogpost, I certainly am glad to see he’s come around to my way of thinking and believes we need an election sooner rather then later, and backing down because we’re afraid of polls rather then stand on principle is going to hurt the Liberals in the long-run.

And, if the Liberal advisers/party leaders/”nervous nellies” in caucus need to find issues to justify an election and to run on in the campaign right now, I’ll helpfully point them back to my 2 posts outlining those. Heck, I’ll even point them to Green Party supporter Jimbobby’s list, if they want an even more outsiders opinion.


7 comments to I’m checking that blogpost twice to make sure I read it right..

  • mushroom

    "if there isnt one shortly on Afghanistan, then perhaps we would be wrong to force one in the spring."

    The budget may be the last good chance for us, because after this, we might as well wait until Fall 2009.

    The economy will get much worse and Harper may leave our books with a huge debt. This means Dion can no longer deliver on his tax cuts and may have to raise taxes on gasoline, like Joe Clark.

  • Sproo

    Funny, I think it’s right to go for an election when the government is doing things unpalatable to the people, not when it’s palatable for a particular political party.. but hey, I’m not inside anything, so what do I know?

  • In the fall, there was a serious danger of a rout following Outremont. I don’t beleive that danger exists anymore. You seem to think that it is always right to go for an election without any consideration for changing circumstances.

  • Ol’ Craig Oliver’s been yammerin’ on Duffy fer the past week or so that there won’t be any spring election. He said he had it from top Grits. Yesterday, however, Oliver started hedging. He said he thought the Con’s could fall on Afghanistan — not the budget. Most everybuddy figgers ol’ Manley’ll be twistin’ Liberal arms to get ’em to buy his report and Harpoon’s strategy based on that report.

    The Grits seem to be waiting until they’re polling in winning percentages. That may never happen. If Dion keeps up with this abstention crappola, Liberals support will evaporate. Topple the Cons and use the campaign to increase support.

    Change the climate in Parliament.


  • Is it not "pragmatic" to factor in the damage of constantly abstaining, or not showing up to vote?

    I could just as easily have copied and pasted this quote of your’s last fall:

    " If we take an action that risks destroying his one most important asset – his integrity – then it had better be for a damn good reason. Not just because we’re scared to fight an election."

    You argue that Dion should go "if he thinks it right", but let’s not forget that Dion wanted to go in the fall, and only backed off because of resistence. By all accounts, Dion felt that if he didn’t vote against the government it would hurt his "integrity", and he was right. You seem to be arguing the same thing now, based on a principle, which is no different that those of us who argued for a vote against earlier.

    I’m not sure pragmatism has anything to do with ithere, more correctly, you have just found your personal reasoning. That reasoning was there months ago, nothing has changed.

  • It’s never black and white. I still think you were wrong to call for an election in October and if there isn’t one shortly on Afghanistan, then perhaps we would be wrong to force one in the spring. I hope, over time, you’ll come to agree with my way of thinking, which involves taking a pragmatic view of the circumstances at the time instead of trying to find the "right" answer and then never changing your view.

  • "Jason also is much more connected to the Liberal Party insiders"

    Which means, if Cherniak is advocating an election, then head office must be on board. BTW, a center-right Liberal just doesn’t sound right 😉

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