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A recipe for failure is exactly what’s intended, and some big news?

Stephane Dion’s first public statements to the Bali forum did not mention Canada or the Conservative government by name, but it wasn’t too hard to figure out who he was referring to when he said that those governments who advocate all-or nothing plans on climate change are doing a recipe for failure:

“It’s certainly not enough to say, ‘I will do something only if the others do something,”‘ Dion said. “The good philosophy is to say, ‘I will do the most I can and I ask you to do the same.”‘

Of course, this recipe for failure is designed that way on purpose by the Cons. Their hardliner position is to try to make sure no agreement is able to be agreed to among developing and developed countries. We see that today in their balking at setting goals and targets for the year 2020. The most newsworthy thing Environment Minister John Baird has done since getting to Bali is arguing in quite a physical way with a David Suzuki foundation representative at a party thrown by the environmental groups, and then deciding to stand up at the last second an environment presentation open to the public which he was supposed to be the keynote speaker at, which caused the Canadian youth delegation to walk out in protest. Maybe the fact that actual members of the public would be there to grill Baird on Canada’s stance gave him cold feet.

In other news, this little blog entry by Jason Cherniak is a rather intriguing teaser of a post. I’m curious if Dion has an announcement of his own to make, or if Jason somehow managed to get to Bali. Others in the Liberal/Progressive blogosphere are also wondering what Jason was hinting at, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


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  • quaeitur

    Has it ever happened before in the history of Canada that the vast majority of it’s citizens has been so publicly humiliated by the actions of it’s government?

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