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Renewing the domain for another year

So my renewal for this domain came up. I thought long and hard for whether to bother renewing it… since its obvious to all that my blogposting on this has been much reduced since the advent of other social media platforms – notably for me Twitter, and because of the cost involved (This is also the case for many other blogs too, I might add – they are much reduced in activity if you go on and check who is active and who hasn’t been).

I decided to renew for another year; who knows when a political activity might cause an uptick in blogposting. Detailed diatribes thoughts can’t be captured on Twitter – except for long extended threads, and I have been a bit more reluctant to post political stuff on Facebook for some reason.

So for now.. I’ll keep this place active.. though I can’t promise you how often I will post. As always though, I do have a link on the side panel to my Twitter feed.. so you can always check out any random thought I have there if you visit here and see nothing new.

I hope you are all still staying strong and keeping well during this pandemic.

PS – I should likely qualify due to the date of this posting this is NOT an April Fools Day joke post 😉


RIP Senator

It was always neat to have a sitting Senator show up at our Progressive Bloggers meetings/get-togethers — not just as a politician glad-handing us looking for photo-ops.. but as an actual Progressive blogger herself. For many years, Senator McCoy wrote on her own personal blog called “Hullabaloos”. It was pretty cool the day I got an application from her in my email asking if she could become a blog affiliate and have her blogposts aggregated to the Prog Blog site.

She attended some of those early get togethers when she was available, and she was well regarded, I think, by all the Progressive Blogging community – despite our wide range of views on that side of the political spectrum.

She will be missed.


5 Days Until The Strangest Christmas Ever

With cases continuing to rise, and the spectre of an apparent Ontario province wide lockdown coming on Christmas Eve, widespread availability of these Covid-19 vaccines can’t get here soon enough.


Sanity has returned to the US (hopefully).

As of this writing, Donald Trump has not conceded the US Presidential race, but that doesn’t matter. Joe Biden is the President-elect and Trump’s court cases that have charged voter fraud have so far all failed. On Jan 20, Joe Biden will be sworn in.

He will have many challenges ahead of him, but his biggest issue (and the issue he says he will get to work on immediately) is trying to get the Covid-19 pandemic under control. It will not be easy, as numbers are spiralling out of control and the current occupant of the White House will likely do even less to address the pandemic (if that’s possible).

Hopefully, with election season behind the US (with 2 notable exceptions in Georgia that will decide control of the US Senate) , some of the Republican governors who have been resisting mask mandates and “stay in place’ orders might change their tune and take measures based on public health, not politics.

Beyond Covid-19, look for a more calm and boring administration. This will not be a bad thing.


Trump’s Covid-19 positive test – the ultimate October Surprise.. the ultimate Karma

News that US President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and other high level Republican officials have tested positive for Covid-19 – and others awaiting test results after potential exposure to the above – has added another dimension of disarray to what was already one of (if not the most) chaotic US Presidential campaigns in history.

The effect of this on the US Election will of course be unknown until the severity and length of Trump’s illness plays out. It will be pointed out by many however that considering how cavalier Trump has been towards Covid-19, initially proclaiming it was nothing to worry about, to mocking Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden for wearing a mask, to continuing to expose other people to Covid-19 infection despite the White House knowing there was a problem, Trump has just had a big case of karma hit him.

I wish no harm to anyone, but I have a lot of trouble feeling sympathy for the President or those in his administration or those of his family or supporters who didn’t take this disease seriously.

One would hope that the President’s diagnosis might “wake” him and his supporters up to the seriousness of the situation and start treating health experts recommendations on fighting this disease a lot more seriously, but I have my doubts.


An Assessment of Erin O’Toole’s selection as Conservative Leader

In a leadership convention that will be known as much for its counting machines shredding ballot votes and the long delay in announcing results, as it will for the picking of a new leader, the Conservative Party’s members finally picked someone to replace the inept Andrew Scheer.

(Scheer didn’t go out in a blaze of glory either, but someone who appears very bitter he lost the 2019 election, and also exposed himself as the right wing ideologue most Canadians suspected he was/is)

The winner, in a bit of a surprise, is veteran MP Erin O’Toole. He did very well in Quebec in first round voting and captured the social conservative votes of Leslyn Lewis and Derek Sloan to beat back Peter MacKay in Round 3.

Did Conservative Party members make a smart choice? That remains to be seen. My sense is most Liberals viewed Peter MacKay as the most dangerous foe to them electorally, but the social conservative wing (which O’Toole courted and helped propel him to victory) has shown it is in control of the CPC party, and this wing is out of step with mainstream Canadian views on most issues (They also don’t physically distance very well either).

As for the Liberals, their biggest foe is themselves. They need to stop shooting themselves in the foot and creating issues for the opposition out of nowhere. One hopes that Chrystia Freeland as Finance Minister will help in that regard.

I offer my congratulations to Erin O’Toole for winning, but he’ll pardon me if I don’t say “best of luck” to him. I’d be lying if I said so 😉


Blue Jays denied playing in Toronto. Right call.

These stats here should speak for themselves why it’s the right call.

I also would think twice if I were the Jays about playing in Dunedin Florida; a state with a pro-Trump Republican Governor and Covid-19 stats showing the result of that blind loyalty.

Oh.. and yes.. hi everyone. 🙂

Sorry about the extended absence, but I am still around, as you would notice from my Twitter feed over there on the right hand column.

I’ll try and be more engaging on here. I suspect as the US Elections approach, I’ll be more proactive in posting on my blog.


Evidence that a Trumpism strain is alive and well within the Conservative Party.

Witness this humdinger of an interview by Sarnia-Lampton MP and current Conservative Party leadership contender Marilyn Gladu. Apparently we should be following the lead of President Trump:

Sarnia-Lambton’s MP wants Canada to implement COVID-19 cures she says have been proven in the United States… “In the United States they’ve been successful with the treatment of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc sulfate,” said Gladu. “They’ve tried this on thousands of COVID patients, with nearly 100 per cent recovery rate, and so the FDA has approved this as an emergency measure, but Canada has not.”

A 100% recovery rate?? How could that be true? Really Marilyn? Where in the world did you get THAT claim from? I’m not even sure Trump has claimed that.

The local Sarnia Chief of Staff immediately put that to rest:

Bluewater Health Chief of Staff Dr. Michel Haddad said there hasn’t been any evidence to show that hydroxychloroquine has been helpful in prevention or treatment of COVID-19 “There’s a lot of talk out there about different treatments,” said Haddad. “There’s no single agent that actually kills this virus. The Tamiflu we use for influenza is non-effective. We have been using cocktails of antibiotics, without real evidence to be honest with you.” Haddad said he’s seen patients die and survive after using hydroxychloroquine.

I had hoped our Conservatives would be resisting the incompetence and ignorance coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth, but between this and Andrew Scheer stating in his press conference he wasn’t sure we should be following the advice of the World Health Organization, It appears that hope might be in vain.

If they think they’re going to get Canadians support by being a parrot of Donald Trump, they’re going to have a nasty reality check.


COVID-19: Take care of your mental health too.

One of the twitter feeds I follow commented that since mass social/physical distancing and self isolation has taken place, every day is like the other – the news is the same, the newscasts are all the same. He has taken to calling every day “Blendsday”.

This constant warning of COVID-19 and what’s been going on in the world can very easily pile up, and it may become very overwhelming and cause a lot of anxiety for people.

I just want to say to everyone to remember to take care of your mental health as well as your physical health.

If there are people going through anxiety issues or panic attacks, don’t be afraid to go get help for it; there’s no shame in asking for some help if it gets to be a bit much.

MY own advice.. don’t watch the news constantly. Get out and take a walk (safely of course). Do a crossword puzzle. Play some online games (or even board games). Taking a break from the current dark times is allowed.


Covid-19 and the new normal.

Well… lots has happened since my last post.

Normal political news and normal news for that matter is now almost completely gone due to the Covid19 pandemic gripping the world.

Once this all passes (whenever that happens to be) it will be interesting to see what the new “normal” is. I have my doubts that we’ll be going back to the old normal.

The last world event to create a new normal was after 9-11. This new normal will be more widespread for better and for worse.

Stay safe everyone.

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